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Today is Aug 16, 2018
Kenny Tan
Senior Marketing Director
CEA Licence No.:
L3002382K / R026893G
Call (+65) 6805 5050 - (+65) 6226 2000
About Me

It has always been Kenny's passion to inspire the people he meet to reach for their full potential and achieve great success in their lives. Since becoming a manager in 2005, he has taken on the roles as a trainer, a mentor and also an inspiring motivational speaker, guiding and leading his team with the team leaders aspired to follow his footsteps.

A world of opportunities await.
So take your first step and be a class above all.

"I am sure you would agree what it takes is the right ATTITUDE & ACTION to make things happen. I am here to help you in everything to make the best decision in your life. I shall not elaborate further as knowing one is not through his words but his actions."

Kenny is also featured on Channel 8, Channel U on several ocassions:
1. Career Blueprint (Special Featured)
2. Find Me a New Boss (Hosted by Bryan Wong)
3. Property Classified (Hosted by Mark Lee)

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